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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time marches on...

So.. today,I decided to visit my blog. I haven't added anything to my previous words in over a year. I left off in Italy.. and I must say many things have changed and a lot has happened in the past year. So for my own personal record, I will do a brief summary of the highlights of my past year.

Senior Year:

-Choreographed duet for Meagan and Herbert, that was my biggest accomplishment thus far. For once, I didn't really think about what the audience would want to see and I didn't think of myself as creating art or anything else like that. .. I just felt a spark and lit a fire with it. I used a situation I saw recurring far too often in a very dear friend's relationships and I decided to give it life in the form of a dance. Not too many people know who inspired the piece and I hope it always stays that way. One goal, and a small voice that kept telling me to not give up.. was to prove that I do have something to say and I can choreograph. If not for anyone else, this was to prove it to myself. After a failed attempt the previous year, I almost gave up when my original choice for the duet crossed her name off... In retrospect I realize the piece would have been nothing at all like I envisioned if she hadn't turned me down. The two dancers I was working with gave me sooo much of themselves. It was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. It was really a tuning point in my life as a dancer/choreographer. Not only was it a success at school, it was also chosen to represent Coker at ACDFA. It was such an honor to be chosen, and although I didn't reach my goal of being the first choreographer from Coker to be chosen fro the gala, I will say, and everyone there will agree.... for the first time-People noticed us. People from schools all over, were asking who we were, and remembered us based on that dance. It was a very amazing feelings... It is very gratifying because at the end of the day, Coker is a small school and most people will say they enjoyed your piece even if they have no clue based on who was or was not in it. Therefore, it was nice to receive feedback from a truly unbiased group.

Fast Forward a few months, that felt like a few hous... time for my senior thesis.
Now, unlike a lot of my ideas I have known what I wanted to do my thesis on since I was 15. This is an excerpt from my thesis journal that sums it up:
"I remember sitting between my parents at one competition in particular, when three beautiful girls from BB’s Dance Productions of Charlotte, North Carolina took the stage. As soon as they walked on, I was hooked. When the music started I was even more drawn in. They were dancing to “Endangered Species” by Dianne Reaves and I remember to this day their costumes and their energy. They were clothed in animal print skirts and tops. Although I think most animal print is tacky, their costumes were very tactfully designed. They highlighted their athletic frames so well. The expression on their faces and the movements of their bodies said “test me and I’ll kick your ass, I’m a WOMAN and I’m proud of it!”
As soon as the piece ended a thought secretly and unexpectedly formed in my mind, actually taking me by surprise, “I want to do my college thesis on women.” At that moment, that was the extent of my thoughts and I let it go at that although I did tell my parents I would one day use that song in my thesis. I was only fifteen and there was no need to plan or analyze. As the years passed I still held the memories of that dance and the vision forever linked to it, very close to my heart. I will never forget that dance and I will never forget the power I felt from watching those women - so comfortable and proud of whom they were."

In true Stacie fashion, I had to add a twist. I have never sewn or taken classes, why not design and create my own costumes... So I spent the extra hours, days, sleepless nights making my costumes. I have always been interested in costume design and I knew that I wanted to leave with no regrets. I also knew that the images I had of what each should look like were so clear that nothing else would ever suffice.

so now... because i have to get dressed for work.. I will pause and pick up where I left off tomorrow..

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