"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.". John 16:33

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

july 12, 2008

were in florence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we took at 700 am train. i was nervous we were gonna miss it, but it was running late. we fell asleep on the train and woke up to the attendant fussing about our feet in the seat. im pretty much the group tour guide. i find it amazing that a person can go years without seeing a place, think theyve mostly forgotten it and then remember all of it as soon as they get back to that place. it didnt take long for me to remember why i chose it as my favorite spot. it is so incredible. it is so romantic and just makes me stand in awe of so many things.

we walked a lot today. my feet are killing me ! we made reservations at the uffizi and then meandered to the opposite side of town for a look at michelangelos DAVID. i cant believe i never visited that museum before. sculptures are my favorite fine art. the david is situated so that when wandering through the museum, your turn a corner without expecting it and then WHAM the most incredible chunk of man/marble is standing in front of you. it literraly took my breath away.... so huge and so human. and i know its a statue, but its a sexy statue. his body is rockin. while i sat on the bench... admiring the "backside" i wondered about michelangelo. was he handsome, striking like this perfect man he created??were his eyes as intense as davids gaze as he chizzled him out of that huge chunk of marble?? i dont know .... too much deep thought for me.. but i want to know more about michelangelo.

our room is also a major highlight for this trip. initially, it was a sore spotfor me. we got a huge big expensive room... reserved with my credit card.... we thought there would be four of us splitting the room. well we didnt have four. but in the end it was so worth the money. it was gorgeous and huge. it was an old palace made into villas and jess and i were in the suite. wood beam ceilings, antique furniture, a huge bed, great view of the bargello, flat screen with english mtc( we watch 2 a days) air conditioner. the best perk was breakfast. ive had "included breakfast" before . it was a hard roll or cereal w water or coffee. this was big soft croissants, many types of cereal, rolls, cookies, fruit, yogurt, milk, american coffee, juice, water. our table had beautiful flowers, linens, and mini jars of honey, jam and nutella. the staff was amazing... so nice. i wish my mom and dad could see it.

we ate dinner on the piazza ... i had beef slice... which thankfully,,, was with my assumption... a steak. while we were eating outside some local/english musicians were giving a free concert. at one point i heard him end a song with "if im up and gone to carolina in my mind..:"i only heard the end because a man was playing the accordion next to us. so after dinner, we walked over and sat front row on the steps of the uffizi to hear them. i put a dollar in his guitar case and requested carolina on my mind.... well jess did it for me.

it made me day to hear him sing "cant you see the sunshine, cant you just feel the moonshine"---- it was a perfect night. so far... it was my most beautiful night in italy.

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