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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

juy21, 2008

great news...

im not sunburned!! im a little pink but thats okay with me. the tan is starting and my hair is getting blonde. its so exciting for me. jess and i decided to skip improv today to visit the market in rosignano. i was very dissapointed. it was just 1000 stands of the same cheap clothes over and over. i bought my mama a present though so i guess it was worth it. i am done with grocery stores. i think i have gotten enough at this point to last me the rest of my trip. the girl at the conad...grocery store... actually knows us now. we found the best gelato place. weve sampled a lot too. ice palace on the piazza is best. for 2.50 i get three heaping flavors. yesterday i got fragola (strawberry), limone (lemon) and ananas (pineapple) it was SOOOOOO good!!! i will miss gelato when i get home. hip hop is getting better. at least i really like the teahcer. my only complaint with this program is that they dont give enough individualized corrections. i mean ive gotten some, but not as many as id hoped. im going to bed

notte notte

that means night night in italian

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rapsc said...

It has been a long, long time since I was in Italy but the gelato, even the word, brings a certain nostalgia --though you almost cured me the ricotta flavor. sounds like you and Jessica are not only learning dance but learning cooking -- two birds is a pretty good value. BTW, Kyle is working on some designs for the livinginhartsville web site we are in process of developing.