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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 2, 2008
Well we made it here, safe and sound. after pulling 100 lbs. (literally) of luggage through the hottest airports and train stations in europe, almost missing our connecting flight in potugal, and being driven to our apartment in a car that almost wouldnt hold all our luggage, we arrived in castiglioncello and wow is it beautiful!!!!! It is so much more than I even expected. I think I could totally live here. I was upset to find out that we wouldnt be staying at 24 Boldini. Jackie told me how beautiful it was. Well not to say that place isnt gorgeous because i havent been there, but apartment #2 on Via Pisa is absolutely wonderful!!! we have an amazing view of the beach, were a 30 second walk from it... were in the downtown area, we have a t.v. with a dvd player, and we have air conditioning. we also have a shady terrace with table and chairs that would be perfect for lunch or relaxing moment. i mean who could ask for more. right? im so glad im here.
the actual bedroom is small, we had to open our suitcases in the hall to unpack, but when it comes down to it... thats just where we sleep. it really looks cute though. i brought pics from home and theyre taped to the wall and frames are on my nightstand with a tyler candle... =)
today we met at the dance studio at 900 am the only complaint i have with out aparment is that its a good hike to the studio... we started out with an introduction from pola, who didnt look anything like i imagined her to be. i expected a woman who danced her whole life and spends her summers in italy to be tall, dark hair, still move with ease and grace, elegance... no... she is short, but vert beautiful, sort of limps.... and haha she reminds me of mama because she says whatever pops in her mind... she seems pretty eccentric which i really like she has beautiful eyes that remind me of elizabeth taylors... i dont know why really.
i took class from David capps, amy chavasse, bob boross, and irati_____? my favorite was jazz with bob. his style is so old school. everyone sweats a lot in dance because it is so hot. were in a gym with an assembled floor covered in marley.

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Elsie Mufuka said...

I love your blog stacie. Just take your fabluous trip all in and hopefully you will be able to keep writing.By the way...you did not learn anything from Europe with the luggage.